EPDM & TPV Granules

LayFlex EPDM & TPV Rubber granules are durable, resilient, resistant, eco-friendly and elastic. Layflex EPDM rubber granules are bond on-site with a suitable LayFlex PU binder. LayFlex EPDM rubber granules are ideal for both indoor and outdoor installations such as sport centers, kids playgrounds, runnig tracks and many more.

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Layflex Epdm Mulch

Layflex Epdm Mulch is extra soft and has high level of fall protection. It is suitable for playgrounds and athletic facilities. It has natural look and is 100% colored through. Layflex Epdm Mulch is produced from Virgin Epdm. Our products are not made of recycled materials, fulfill environmental requirements DIN 18035-7, EN 71-3 Safety for toys, EN1177 impact absorbing, EN ISO 527-1/-4 tensile elongation, EN13501-1 reaction to fire, PAHs leaching of hazardous chemicals.

Polyurethane Binder (PU Binder)

WETPOUR BINDER A-710 is used for in situ application.
PRESS BINDER A-35 is used for Rubber tile production and rubbet block manufacturing.
SPRAY BINDER is used for weather and uv resistant running tracks. It is mixed with EPDM Granules and sprayed to SBR layer depending on the base layer, can be water permeable on impermeable
ALIPHATIC BINDER is a transparent UV resistant binder which is used for light gray, blue, White, purple, EPDM or TPV Granule colors.

Lay - Court

LAY-COURT surfaces provide durability, great texture, and vibrant color to any indoor or outdoor facility. Court paint surfaces are heat, cold and UV resistant. LAY-COURT can be applied on properly constructed asphalt, concrete, or existing acrylic tennis court surfaces.

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Lay - Pol

Indoor and outdoor sport flooring system.

LAY-POL flooring is ideal for multi-purpose facilities where sport is played to a high standard and the floor is in constant use. Layflex PU sport flooring is easy to install and has non-porous and hygienic properties. It meets the highest sports floor standard – EN14904 and has excellent slip resistance and energy absorbing qualities.

Color Palette & Catalogue

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